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The Lesotho border introduced a new Tourism Levy, starting from April 1st 2024.

This levy is set at R100.00 per person and is applicable to foreign passport holders aged 13 years and above.


The national currency of Lesotho is MALOTI but the South African currency RANDS (ZAR) is also accepted. The Maloti and the Rand are equal (1:1). There are no currency/ foreign exchange facilities at the border, but you can do foreign exchange at any major Bank within Maseru. For ease of logistics, it is advisable that any foreign currency be exchanged before arrival to Lesotho.


Entering and exiting Lesotho
Foreign registered cars entering into Lesotho have to pay the single entry toll fee of R80 (subject to change). The payments will be required at the boarder gates in Maloti or ZAR. You can also swipe your visa or master card. There are no payments when you exit the country.


Banks in Lesotho are completely independent so please make prior arrangements with your local banks in order to have access to transactions on your foreign bank account inside Lesotho.


If you have been to a yellow fever zone please bring your vaccination card with you.

Border assistance

If for any reason you get stuck at any of the entry points and need assistance ask the immigration or
customs official to send any one of us a call back on +266 5894 2875 (Matseliso), and +266 6347 8623
(Nthabiseng) for assistance.

Navigating Lesotho
Please bear with us, despite their presence in most areas, we are generally not used to using street names
for directions but use landmarks, building names etc, so be on the lookout for outstanding features when
you need to get around.


Weather conditions in Lesotho
It tends to get very cold in Lesotho, especially at night. We advise those who are seriously anti-winter to
bring extra blankets if they are going to be staying at the student residence. Also bring very warm
jackets. PLEASE do not underestimate the winter of the Kingdom in the Sky.


Address of the University
In case you have to fill out any forms at the border you will require a postal address of your destination.

Use the following postal address: 
postal address of where you are going to:

History Department, The National University of Lesotho,

P.O Roma 180 Maseru 100,



By road
Maseru is 136.7km from Bloemfontein, 419 km from Johannesburg, 552.5 km from Durban, 1 107.8km km
from Cape Town, 663.7 km from Gaborone and 669.7 km from Swaziland. Valid Foreign driving licenses are
acceptable provided they show a photograph of the holder.

There are 10 border posts where one can enter Lesotho, but it is advisable that the Maseru one be used as it is
operational 24/7. When getting your passport stamped on the Lesotho side, please ask the officer to give
you thirty days (30). You will be expected to pay a toll fee upon entering the border. Please also be reminded
that there will be other toll fee along the routes to Maseru.

By air
The Moshoeshoe 1 International airport is the main airport in Maseru. It is located roughly 25.7km from the
conference venue and about 21.1km from Maseru City Centre. One can connect to Moshoeshoe 1 International
airport from O.R Tambo International airport (Johannesburg). One can also land at the Bram Fischer
International Airport (Bloemfontein) and take a shuttle to Maseru Border (136.7km).
Shuttle services and car rental services are available at Moshoeshoe 1 airport.


All visitors to Lesotho will require valid travel documents (Passport). Only individuals from certain countries,
however, require travel visas. Please double-check beforehand whether or not you need a visa.
Click here to check your visa requirements.

The national currency of Lesotho is Maloti (LSL). The South African Rand (ZAR) is also acceptable within the country.
Find out more at:
Facebook page: Visit Lesotho

Shuttle service

Delegates and students who are interested in using the shuttle services from Johannesburg to Maseru are requested to submit their request to 

Please note the shuttle fee for non-student delegates is R800.00.


Departure date:

24 June 2024

Pick-up locations: 

O.R Tambo:

  • Arrival of shuttle: 08h00

  • Departure of shuttle: 12h00

Auckland Park:

  • Arrival of shuttle: 14h00

  • Departure of shuttle: 15h00

Bram Fisher International Airport (Bloemfontein):

  • Arrival of shuttle: To be announced

  • Departure of shuttle: To be announced

Maseru Mall (Lesotho):

  • Arrival of shuttle: To be announced

  • Departure of shuttle: To be announced

Return from Lesotho Date: 
29 June at 07h00 for all students and delegates not attending the Sehlabathebe excursion trip.

Students and delegates who will be travelling from overseas are advised to book their plane tickets for the 23rd of June so that they arrive at OR Thambo International Airport in the 24th of June.

The conference local organising committee will cover the shuttle fare for students from South Africa to Lesotho.


University residence (priority to students)

  • Bedding will be provided at university student accommodation.

  • Breakfast will be provided for those staying at the student accommodation on campus

  • Cost for accommodation will be covered by the LOC.

  • You will need to bring along padlocks to secure your valuables in the hostels

  • This accommodation is available from the night of the 24th to the 28th June 2024.

  • Everyone will be expected to have checked out by 11:00 on the 29th June 2024

Delegates are invited to submit their request for assistance with University accommodation for the 2024 ASAPA conference. Accommodation fee will be 300 per person per night.
Please indicate the following in your request:

  • ​Dietary requirements

  • Gender

  • Number of nights accommodation will be required 

Students are also requested to contact the organisers regarding financial aid for university accommodation.

Please indicate the following:

  • Dietary requirements

  • Gender​​

Please send accommodation requests to 

Accommodation in Lesotho


In addition, there is a range of accommodation within Roma and Maseru. Please consult list below:

There are lodges, B&Bs and guesthouses in close proximity to the conference venue.

All members attending the 2024 ASAPA Lesotho Conference who are struggling to book their accommodation with lodges or hotels in Lesotho, please contact Mohau Leqabanyo at for assistance.

Accommodation information is available here:


Accommodation options in Roma, Lesotho

GRACE LODGE @ R600/room (3.9km from conference venue)
Mahlanyeng Ha Basiane, Roma 180
Tel: +266 59883062

LAPENG THOTENG BED & BREAKFAST @ R640/room (2.3km from conference venue)
Ha Sekautu, Roma
Tel: +266 5887 0077

ROMA TRADING POST @ R1000/room (3.5km from conference venue)
Ha Basiane, Roma 180
Tel: +266 5024 5001

BOTLENG GUEST HOUSE @ R840/room (24km from conference venue)
Ha Makhoathi, Maseru
Tel: +266 6200 4000

KHUTSONG LODGE @ R830/room (16km from conference venue)
Ha Makhalanyane, Thaba Bosiu
Tel: +266 5250 0114

THABA BOSIU CULTURAL VILLAGE @ R1305/room (22km from conference venue)
Tel: +266 5884 0018
+266 5022 1962
+266 2702 1962


MMELESI LODGE @ R1000/room (22km from conference venue)
Thaba Bosiu, Maseru
Tel: +266 5250 0007


Accommodation options - Maseru, Lesotho


AVANI LESOTHO @ R2059/room (30km from conference venue)
Hilton Road, Maseru
Tel: +266 2224 3000

PHOMOLO GUEST HOUSE - MATALA @ R610/room (24km from conference venue)
Tel: +266 5805 0012

AVANI MASERU @ R1600/room (35km from conference venue)
12 Orpen Road, Maseru
Tel: +266 2224 3000

TRIBUTE GUEST HOUSE - MATALA @ R690/room (36km from conference venue)
Main South 1 Road, Matala
Tel: +266 2231 5357

THE ANNE GUEST HOUSE @ R980/room (37km from conference venue)
791 Senqunyane Street, Lower Thetsane, Maseru.
Tel: +266 5888 3454


*Please note that prices are subject to change

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