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Grant: Paleontological Scientific Trust (PASt)

Eligible Students: PhD


- Abstract of oral presentation

- 150-200 word motivation letter describing the benefits of attending the conference to the development of their career

- Itemised budget and other potential and/or realised sponsors

- CV


Please note that only 10 students will be selected for this grant award.

Awardees will be notified via email if their application is successful. 

Applications should be submitted to:

Closing date: 30/01/2024

LOC encourages students to submit their abstracts as there will be other funding avenues that will be made available (TBA).

The LOC shall cover the following costs for students:
- Excursion to Thaba Bosiu and or Dinosaur footprint site (transport, entrance, lunch)
- Sehlabathebe National Park (Transport and entrance only). Students are expected to pay for their accommodation and meals.
- Accommodation at the National University student residency with bedding included.
- Breakfast at the National University of Lesotho for the duration of the conference.

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